Maximizing Outdoor Living Spaces

As the weather begins to warm up everyone slowly migrates outside and wants to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. Deciding how to create an environment you would enjoy is a large and grueling task. To help you plan your layout, here are some tips on how to maximize your outdoor living spaces.

First thing is to assess what you will really use on a consistent basis. Nothing is worse than having your outdoor area be filled with appliances you will never touch. This is where you have to decide whether you are leaning towards a pool or hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, or an area to sit back and relax. 

Next look at the type of flooring you would like to use as the foundation of your outdoor space. You can stick with grass or venture into concrete or stone. This decision is made not only for aesthetics but also is based on the purpose of the outdoor area. Stone is great for a seating arrangement with a fire pit; however, concrete creates an established foundation that keeps the ground even if you are thinking of an outdoor kitchen area. 

Decide if you want to enclose or open up this outdoor area. There are pros and cons to each. By enclosing it, you are able to keep out bugs and it is more weather friendly (which you definitely want to take into consideration if you want a highly furnished outdoor space). Shade is also guaranteed within an enclosed space. However, leaving it open allows air to easily flow in and out and even opens up the created space. You can create shade through trees and plants but that adds layers of maintenance to keep the landscape up. Make sure you take lighting into account as well so you can use your space at night!

 Decide on the type of furniture you would like to keep outside. Remember that it has to be relatively weather-resistant and easy to clean. Make sure you have a plan for when winter hits and you know which furniture will survive and which won’t. Decide on where you may store these items in the winter as well. Furniture ideas include couches, stools, chairs, benches, and coffee tables, all of which should be made of plastic, metal, or maintained wood to withstand the natural forces. 

Try to pick a color scheme and general theme for your space. You can merge ideas by having a fire pit and shaded gardening area but take into account space, walkability, and placement of everything. Being able to easily access each of your amenities is a must. Using one color to curate your furniture and decorations helps make the space seem larger than it is. 

Lastly, keep the area neat and clean by organizing plant pots, gardening tools, storage units, and tools used for backyard activities. This helps create an enjoyable, decluttered area where you and your family or friends can enjoy a space while maximizing its size. 

There are many ways you can create a fun, livable outdoor space such as a pathway and shaded garden, a water body for fun and play, an outdoor kitchen, a lounging area, a gardening area, or a place for kids activities. The possibilities are endless.