Preparing your Home for Fall

As the seasons change from summer to fall, there are a few things homeowners should be paying attention to in the midwest region to preserve and take care of their house. Making sure you give your home special attention will not only maintain its value but also increase its longevity and cause less hassle for you in the future. 

Outdoor Furniture

The first thing is to make sure you clean and cover-up or store your outdoor furniture. Nothing is worse than a rusting/ rotting piece of furniture you would have to replace every year due to water damage or cool weather. This also protects the furniture from dust and dirt in the seasons you will not be using it. 


Next, make sure you clean and install gutters. Gutters are structures that line the edge of your roof and help filter water off of your house. This can collect leaves, animal nests, and dirt causing a build-up which could eventually lead to water damage on your roof due to the way it will create stagnant water build-up. There are many ways you can clean your gutters but to start you will need to prepare a sturdy ladder, something to scoop things up with, and somewhere to put the contents that you have just scooped up. Once it is all cleaned from build-up, take a hose and make sure you do a final wash-off. The video below can also help guide you through this process.

Roof Check

While you’re up there, make sure you do a roof check. Nothing is worse than having to have repairs done on your roof in the freezing cold fall and winter seasons.

Indoor Wind Drafts

Check your house for drafts that may enter your house. Cold air seeping into your house from electrical outlets and parts of your house that have worn away is not a pleasant occurance. If left unattended, it can create cold currents throughout your house and cause your heating system to be overworked or the system will not work at all. Once you identify these spots, you can cover it up yourself or find someone to help update your weatherstripping. 

Outdoor Faucets

Drain all of your outdoor faucets. Make sure all the water is out so that when it gets cold, the faucets and pipes will not freeze and burst causing even more damage on the pipes and your pocket due to the higher cost. Also, make sure you drain and prepare any sprinkler or irrigation systems in your backyard. 

Indoor Batteries

This next step is an easy one to forget. Replace batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so that you know that your house is safe from either threat! 

Indoor Heating

Make sure you prepare your furnace for heating in the cold season by making sure no upgrades are needed and that it is working well. Test all of your generators and heating systems as well so that you are not in a last-minute bind when the cold really starts to hit. 


Lastly, landscaping wise- bring in potted plants, plant new bulbs, and fertilize your yard. Also, make sure you trim any trees or shrubs that need it! Fall is the best time for lawn reseeding and rejuvenation. This is a great time to make sure your yard is cleaned up and ready for the leaves in fall and snow in winter.