Relocating to Kansas City

Relocating to Kansas City - Image of Union Station

It is no surprise that the Kansas City housing market is on the uprise and was named one of the top ten housing markets. From affordable living to resources for families, Kansas City suburbs are ranked as some of the best in the nation. So what are your next steps once you have decided to relocate to Kansas City?


First thing is to research the area you want to move to. Kansas City has many choices of suburb areas from Olathe, Kansas to Leawood, Kansas. Researching the structure of the cities will reveal how nicely interconnected the suburbs are while concurrently being close to Kansas City. Each smaller city has something different to offer in regards to education systems as well. 


Another great step to take is to calculate cost of living differences. As opposed to bigger cities, public transportation is less accessible in suburban areas so investing in private transportation is an increased necessity. State taxes also should be factored in when taking steps towards living changes. 


Understand the best route of travel for both you and your belongings when moving. Looking into reputable moving companies or tracing your own travel path will help you plan ahead so you have everything you need the day you are moving in. Travel is also now easier than ever with the newly renovated Kansas City airport totaling to a $1.5 billion project and one million square foot building. With this upgrade comes non-stop flights making travel to either coast effortless. Southwest Airlines even recently announced a non-stop flight to Cancun. Make sure, for packing belongings, you prepare all packing materials in advance as well. Nothing is worse than moving in day and not having a bed to sleep in later that night!


Power up your utilities. This is an easy step to forget but make sure the gas, water, electricity, and garbage schedules are all set up and ready to use the day you move in. Also be sure to prepare food, water, a fan, or extra blankets to prepare if your utilities do not work. 


Though rare, prepare for natural disasters such as tornadoes in Kansas City. It is important to be up to date on the protocols and precautions to take tornado situations for when you are at home or out and about. Preparing a basement area and your other family members on what to do is important. 


Lastly, make sure you forward your mail and change your driver's license and car registration. 


There is no doubt that Kansas City is a place that is on the rise for relocation. The job market is booming with unemployment down to 4.5% and there are many major companies headquartered in Kansas City. In general, home values have increased 17.8% as well making it a market you definitely would want to be a part of. With increasing commercial and housing development, easy travel through MCI (Kansas City’s renovated airport), and house values steadily increasing, Kansas City is definitely the place you need to be.