Ways to Maximize Your Current House

When it comes to finding ways to maximize your current house, you have to start by taking care of what you already have. Once you have established a great base to work from, you can move on to making greater improvements. Great ways to start are cleaning up your spaces and looking for ways to expand and update what you already have.

First, make sure you maximize the square footage of your home. Try to finish your basement if it’s unfinished and make it into a living space welcoming of others. If you add square footage you also add to the value of your house if you were to put it on the market at some point. It creates an additional selling point to your house. 


Deep clean spaces you haven’t thought of cleaning before. Clean your counters, closet spaces, kitchen appliances, floors, and neaten up the space as much as you can. This will help open up your house and make it feel like a new space for you and your family. Try to organize unfinished areas and garages. While you’re at it, you can clean up the landscape around your house and make your yard feel like a place you want to go home to every day!


Try repainting areas to give it a fresh new look. Whether it is indoor walls or outdoor painting, it always feels nice to switch up the color scheme and the mood palette of your home. You can also stain floors, paint cabinets, and repaint doors. This part ties into interior decorating. Investing in a new couch and new wall decorations can flip your home into a new place. This is definitely something to look into when you feel as if you need a change. 


Upgrade necessary appliances. Your kitchen may need a new oven or dishwasher. Faucets are another easy change that can modernize your house and may even raise its value in the long run. With easily accessible youtube videos nowadays, with one quick search, you can stumble upon a tutorial on how to change a faucet or doorknob. 


Next, you can retile your space or insert a different type of flooring. With this part, you can get fun with bathroom tiling or switch up the carpet for an easier to clean hardwood floor. This can open up a space as well and you can get creative with different area rugs as needed. 


Overall, there are many changes you can make to your current space to improve it and its value. These are great starting points. Remember, taking care of your house is important and is not a one-time deal. Keep up with the required changes and your house will be a great space to live in.

October 1, 2021