What to Think About When Buying a House

There are many aspects that go into finding the perfect house for you and your family. Discussing these main points about a house can help narrow down your options to one choice. With lots of options and layouts, it is important to take time to think about the nitty-gritty details that go into the perfect space for your family. Take into consideration convenience, longevity, and overall return of value for, at the end of the tunnel, you may end up wanting to sell the house again! Here are a few things to look at. 

Firstly, you want to decide on a general location. This is immensely important because it is what dictates the properties you will be looking at. Taking things like school districts, close- or far- commercial locations of grocery stores and retail shopping, and general neighborhood feel into consideration will create a clear-cut image of where you would even want to start looking. Is the neighborhood kid-friendly? Or, are you looking for a lowkey, non-trafficked neighborhood where you can just relax in peace? How close is the house to my workplace? Make sure you take into account important family locations such as potential activity centers and places your child may need access to later on in life such as sports complexes or educational resources. You also want to account for property value growth in certain areas. If you want to make a profit, at the end of the day, in the future, look into the highest growing neighborhood markets in your area of choice. 

Next, look into the style of house you may want. There are variations depending on the location from modern home style to cape cod style. This is also location-dependent; for example, in Kansas City one of the most common house styles is ranch. If you’re looking for a pre-built home on a plot of land, you have little room for artistic creation when deciding on a home style, especially in a suburban neighborhood with identical exterior styling. 

Consecutively, you want to look at the size of the house and all the included amenities. It is important to think about how many bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and living areas you would like to have. Square footage should also be high on your checklist where you have an idea of the size of house you would like. You can account for more amenities such as a second kitchen; however, for the same price it may cost you the tradeoff of another half bathroom. Also, look into whether the basement is finished or still needs work done. When thinking about bathrooms, look into the number of sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets that are there and gauge according to your family needs. Look into kitchen styling and layout for easy daily use. There can be many architectural and overall errors from limited cabinet space accounted for to kitchen appliances that do not work. Check all of these aspects before considering a house. 

Lastly, you want to take an overall look at the cost of maintaining the property in the long run. With older homes, you have to think about deeper cleanings, replacement of amenities, remodeling, and overall house structure. Look into the maintenance required for landscaping, as well as, the potential expenditures needed to remodel, repair, or replace any aspect of the house. 

At the end of the day, enjoy the house buying process and make sure you are satisfied with the outcome. If you take all these aspects into consideration, your daily life will be a breeze and you will put yourself in a comfortable position to financially prepare for buying a home!

September 5, 2021