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Where is Blue Valley?

Located in a portion of southeastern Johnson County, in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area are the Blue Valley School District's 34 schools. Blue Valley's 2012 graduates earned the highest ACT composite score among Kansas City metropolitan area school districts. In 2012, the district, and every school within it, made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as outlined by the No Child Left Behind Act.

July 26, 2013

2019 - Happiest Cities In USA! Overland Park ranks 12th!

Once again Overland Park Kansas shines in one of the top list of cities in the nation!  This time, Overland Park is in the 2019's happiest city list!

This time, Overland Park is in the 2019's happiest city list!

March 20, 2019

2017 Top 10 Best Cities for Families - Overland Park KS

Once again for the 4th time in 2017, Overland Park is in the "Top 10 Best Cities for Families" in the nation ranked by Livabiity.com! Find out why Overland Park KS has been on the top list. Community attributes include highly rated schools, pristine parks, affordable neighborhoods and great support network. "...Overland Park provides children with an environment to thrive.

2017s Best Places to Raise a Family in USA

Overland Park Kansas was awarded the No. 1 city in the USA for Best Places to Raise a Family in 2017 in a study done by WalletHub.com and we agree!

Kansas City Jobs

Jobs in Blue Valley School District and in and around Kansas City metro area.

July 12, 2015